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Hi. I'm karin

Hello, thank you for taking the time to view my site.  My name is Karin Peters, I've been a professional trainer since June of 2012 when I graduated with Honors 2012 from Animal Behaviour College where I received my ABCDT Certification.  


I'm passionate about two things; helping people with dogs experiencing complex behaviour challenges and supporting new puppy guardians during their puppy's early develpment stages to prevent behaviour challenges from devleoping.  

I train from a position of kindness and compassion using rewards-based methods founded in science with a seek first to understand approach.   I never use force or intimidation nor do I use choke, prong or shock collars.  I use the science of learning to make the training fit the dog not the other way around.  With this approach punitive techniques are not needed. 


All of my programs are customized and specifically developed to meet the needs of your dog and your training goals and objectives.

If you are experiencing a behaviour challenge you just can't seem to get ahead of or you have a new puppy and would like support ensuring he or she gets off to the best possible start I would love to help.




From prevention to problem solving



​Tel: 250-938-3639

Email: karin@groundedhound.ca

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