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Hi. I'm karin



Welcome.  Thank you for taking time from your day to explore my site, let me introduce myself. My name is Karin Peters, I'm a Certified Trainer with 9 years of experience working with dogs struggling with reactivity and other emotionally centered behaviour challenges and working with puppies during their formidable first year.


I train using modern science based techniques that are free from force, coercion, pain and attempts to dominate.   My objectives involve seeking first to understand the nature of the challenge, what's triggering it and how we can support the dog in learning to make better choices.  With this approach we are able to achieve long term sustainable results you can build on.  Next I believe in setting you and your dog up to successful by anticipating and removing road blocks to your success.    


My programs for puppies were designed to support preventing behaviour challenges such as reactivity from starting.  The program further provides you with all the education, knowledge and skills you need to address any challenges you may experience as your puppy grows and matures. 


If you are a new puppy parent looking to ensure your puppy has all he or she needs to grow into a confident adult dog that is comfortable navigating our world with confidence and resiliency.  If you have a dog struggling with a behaviour challenge and you aren't sure what to do I would love the opportunity to offer my insight and share my knowledge about how a science based approach can work for you and your dog.


From prevention to problem solving