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Thank you for visiting my site, let me introduce myself. My name is Karin Peters, I'm a Certified Trainer with 9 years of experience. My areas of passion and expertise are using applied behaviour analysis and behaviour modification to help dogs struggling with fear-based behaviour challenges and early puppy development where I use my extensive knowledge of behaviour and complex challenges to prevent those same behaviour challenges from occurring as puppies grow.


I train from a position of setting your dog up to win using today's positive methods based in science and proven effective. This means my techniques are free of corrections verbal or physical, fear and intimidation focusing instead on working through road blocks then celebrating and building on those successes when you do.   

If you are a new puppy parent looking for coaching, guidance and support ensuring your puppy has everything needed to develop into an adult dog that can navigate our world with confidence and resiliency.  If you have a dog struggling with a fear-related behaviour challenge and you aren't sure what to do I would love to show you how a science based approach can help.


From prevention to problem solving



​Tel: 250-938-3639


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