Thank you for visiting The Grounded Hound.  My name is Karin Peters.  I've been a Certified Positive Reinforcement Dog Trainer since June of 2012.  My area of expertise is behaviour modification and working with dogs struggling with complex behaviour challenges and adolescent dogs displaying early signs of behaviour challenges. 

My approach to training is relationship centred and punishment free.  My programs are customized to the unique needs of each client using a 4 step formula.  

1. Determine why the behaviour is occurring?  What is the          dog trying to achieve?

2. Identify and address the underlying emotional                          reason for the behaviour.

3. Introduce and positively reinforce an alternate more                appropriate behaviour.   What do you want your dog to         do instead?

4. Reduce frustration and stress for both dog and guardian        by anticipating and removing road blocks to your success.

By seeking first to understand why the behaviour is occurring we are in a much better position to create an effective training plan that will;


1.  Reduce frustration for both dog and guardian.

2.  Increases retention.

3.  Strengthens the relationship.

4.  Produces long term sustainable results you can build on.


If you are a new puppy guardian or one who is struggling with a behaviour you don't understand.  If you are wanting to train using positive reinforcement without punishment, if you want to take your relationship, connection, knowledge and understanding of your dog to a new level  I would love the opportunity to pave the path to your success.  


"Overall, l have noticed both dogs much more relaxed on our walks with lower arousal levels. Loqi doesn’t even look at the house at the end of our street anymore. Granted the dog has not been out of the balcony, but that is considerable improvement! Yesterday l vacuumed and after doing 10 minutes of the protocol to start, towards the end of my vacuuming- both dogs were laying on the floor snoozing! Amazing! Just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with you and we are so grateful for your teaching. We appreciate how you explain things and have been so supportive of us on this journey. Your care and consideration are over and above what we anticipated. Thank you 😊 for being your amazing self! 😀😀


Cori & Mike


"We all really enjoyed every minute of our time with you, and I think we all learned a lot. You have left us with plenty to work on, and confidence and enthusiasm for the work. 


I think our relationship with Rusty has deepened and been enriched through your training sessions."

Trudy, Rhiannon and Rusty