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Hi, I’m Karin, thank you for visiting my site.  I look forward to the opportunity to support you in your relationship and training journey with your dog.  


My career as a Trainer began in Vancouver in 2012 where my primary focus was coaching and supporting reactive dogs and their guardians as they navigated their relationship and training journey.   In 2016 my family and I moved to Vernon providing me with an opportunity to expand my services and devote more time and attention to puppy's, adolescent dogs and prevention after all the best way to resolve a problem is before it starts.  I created basic life skills programs that are proactive in working to reduce reactivity through early detection, the introduction of foundation behaviours and exercises designed to reduce reactivity and early behaviour modification work.      


As a Trainer I see my role as that of both facilitator and educator.  I facilitate building a deeper more meaningful connection with your dog through building a better understanding of your dog.  I facilitate learning and sustained growth by anticipating and removing road blocks to your success then I teach you how to do the same so you can sustain your growth and success as you move forward. 


My approach is relationship centered, rewards-based and force-free.  I believe pain or the fear of it aren't well suited to relationship building or learning nor are they well suited to fostering a sense of trust, safety and security, the hallmark cornerstones of a healthy relationship.   

No two dogs, their guardians, training goals or their needs are ever the same, you are one of a kind and so is your dog. My programs are customized to the unique needs of each client and their dog, no two programs are ever exactly the same.  I’m highly invested in your success.  After each session you receive a comprehensive written review of the session that includes topic specific educational information and personalized insight and tips to support your growth. Between sessions I offer 7 day a week phone, text, email and Zoom support with proven 24 - 36 hour response time.

If you are a new or first time puppy guardian looking to ensure your puppy gets off to the right start.  If you are struggling with a puppy or adolescent dog.  If you need support with a reactive dog or a complex behaviour challenges such as resource guarding or excessive barking.  If you are looking to train using techniques that are force-free.  If you want to take your understanding of and relationship with your dog to a new level I would love the opportunity to support you.