for a positively enlightening training experience

Hi. I'm karin

Hello, Thank you for taking time from your day to visit my site.  Let me introduce myself. My name is Karin Peters, I've been a Certified Dog Trainer for 9 years.


My approach to training is a positive one, the techniques I use are relationship centered, rewards based and free of punishment, pain, force, fear and intimidation.


My passion as a trainer and area of expertise is using Applied Behaviour Analysis and Behaviour Modification to support puppies and dogs experiencing emotionally triggered behaviour challenges in particular on-leash reactivity. I have a four step approach to problem solving;


1. Lead with compassion.

2. Seek first to understand why your dog feels the need

    the to respond this way.

3. Support your dog in learning to make better choices

    by teaching them what to do instead.

4. Set you up for success by anticipating and removing

    road blocks to your success.


With this approach we are able to establish progressive long term sustainable results that continue to build on themselves.


A believer in building foundations and being proactive my programs for puppies are designed to support preventing behaviour challenges such as reactivity from starting.


If you have a dog or puppy struggling with a behaviour challenge and you aren't sure what to do I would love the opportunity to offer my insight and share my knowledge about how a positive force-free approach can work for you and your dog.