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About Karin


Like many of my colleagues I’ve have had an affinity for animals since I was a kid.   I got my first dog, a Beagle named Hoover, when I was 10.  My first career goal at the age of 6 was to be a Police Dog trainer.   While the dream as it was may not have materialized; in 2012 after deciding it was time for a change my dream of being a trainer did when I graduated with Honors from Animal Behaviour College.  Hi! I’m Karin Peters, thank you for taking time to visit my site.  


My technical areas of expertise are behaviour modification and problem solving; skills I use to support people struggling with behaviour challenges, primarily through the trying and challenging developmental period of adolescence (8 - 24 months) otherwise affectionately known as the “teenage years”.    


As your coach I will:


- Identify and break through the current barriers

  impeding your progress.

- Chart a clear path to success that both you and your dog

  can follow

- Anticipate and remove road blocks on your path by giving

  you and your dog the skills you need to successfully

  navigate them.

- Produce long term sustainable results you can build on


My approach to training is a humane one.  The techniques I use are:


- Based in current science and proven effective

- Welfare focused; force, fear and the use of painful tools

  are not needed.  

- Rewards based; for increased motivation and retention

- Relationship centered; team is the theme, no alpha’s here


I’m most effective with people who;


- Understand that changing behaviour takes time and are

  committed to the process

- Are okay working at their dogs pace

- Understand that consistency is key to success and are

  committed to doing the work

- Place welfare as a priority and are committed to training

  without the use of force, fear or pain.

- Have a team mindset

- Are looking for a trainer who is highly committed to and

  invested in your success

Client Feedback 

Cori, Mike, Loqi and Luna

"Overall, l have noticed both dogs much more relaxed on our walks with lower arousal levels. Loqi doesn’t even look at the house at the end of our street anymore.  Yesterday l vacuumed and after doing 10 minutes of the protocol to start, towards the end of my vacuuming- both dogs were laying on the floor snoozing! Amazing! Just wanted to let you know how impressed we are with you and we are so grateful for your teaching. We appreciate how you explain things and have been so supportive of us on this journey. Your care and consideration are over and above what we anticipated. Thank you


Trudy, Rhiannon and Rusty

"We all really enjoyed every minute of our time with you, and I think we all learned a lot. You have left us with plenty to work on, and confidence and enthusiasm for the work. 


I think our relationship with Rusty has deepened and been enriched through your training sessions."

Trudy, Rhiannon and Rusty