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Look at That (L.A.T.) - Helping Fearful Dogs Overcome Anxiety

Welcome to Look at That (L.A.T.), a powerful behaviour modification technique designed to assist fearful dogs in overcoming anxiety and improving their behavior. If you have a dog who struggles with fearfulness or exhibits reactive behavior towards certain triggers, L.A.T. could be the key to transforming their outlook and enhancing the quality of your walks.

What is L.A.T.?

Look at That, or L.A.T., is a positive reinforcement-based training method specifically developed to address reactivity and fear in dogs. It focuses on working to change your dog's perception of the trigger by encouraging them to perceive the trigger in a                  positive and non-threatening light. L.A.T. teaches

dogs how to make better behaviour choices in               the presence of their triggers and strengthens the foundation  of  trust you share.   

How L.A.T. Helps Fearful Dogs:

Reducing Reactivity:  L.A.T. helps dogs                                                                    decrease  their reactivity

threshold helping them learn that the                                                                        presence of  the trigger is not

inherently harmful.  This newfound                                                                                 confidence can be a game-

changer for dogs struggling with                                                                                          anxieties.

Building Positive Associations:  L.A.T.

uses  positive reinforcement to create

positive associations with the

trigger.   Over time your dog

starts to associate the once-

feared stimulus  with something

positive leading to a profound

shift in their emotional



Enhancing Focus and Trust:  Through L.A.T.,  you can strengthen the bond you share.   By engaging with you after looking at the trigger, your dog learns to bond you share.  By engaging with you after looking at the trigger your dog learns to trust that you will guide them  through challenging situations.  This increased  trust helps your dog feel more  secure and lessens their fear  responses. 

                                                                                                                                                                              Improving Emotional Well-being:  Fearful dogs often  experience chronic stress and anxiety.   By helping them reduce their fear and reactivity, L.A.T. can significantly improve their emotional well-being, leading to a happier and more relaxed pet.


Empowering Your Dog: 

L.A.T. empowers your dog by giving them the tools to cope with stressful situations. Instead of feeling  of helpless or  overwhelmed, they gain the ability to engage with triggers confidently, knowing that positive experiences await them.

If you're ready to "Rock Your Walk" and make a positive change in your dog's life and help  them conquer their fears, join us on this rewarding journey. Let L.A.T. be the catalyst for a  stronger bond and a more confident, happy dog. Together, we can make a world of  difference.

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