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Murphy's story

Updated: Jan 29, 2020

How the story begins

"The short version.. he is terrified of everything and barks aggressively when ppl come to the door or when he feels scared. He runs, barks and sometimes circles barking.. then they introduce themselves and he is super friendly."

2 months later

"I just had to share a little story... when we come home now, instead of an excited whining excited dog at the door... he is on his bed. Relaxed. And waiting for us to greet him. Like I said, he can still bark at the door when someone arrives but now he goes to his bed and awaits being able to greet. It’s so cute to see him waiting so respectfully.

We are working on it! Plus his crawl game is pretty darn good too!! I can stand now and have him crawl while I walk back. It’s so cool how much better he is doing in the house.

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