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Rebel's story

Updated: Feb 21, 2020

How the story begins

Rebel is my little rescue monster who has major reactivity issues. Karin was recommended to us for her interest in reactive dogs and Rebel needed a dog-walker. I didn't have high expectations as Rebel had already been through many group training classes and some private lessons as well.

Right off the bat Rebel took to Karin and began looking forward to his weekly training walks. Karin would provide support and listen to me ramble on about my troubles with Rebel.

Six month later

Rebel has made great strides in his reactivity and I have made great strides in my patience and ability to manage him. Karin never makes a big deal about all the strange noises rebel makes and it never phases her when people pop their heads out the window to see what is going on!

Karin thoroughly believes in Rebel and is always there to encourage and remind me that every day it will get better. More importantly I don't feel alone. Thanks Karin.

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