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Sniper's Story

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Karin at The Grounded Hound saved us from months of frustration! We got our lovely puppy right at 8 weeks and tried to give him the best home we could. We were first time puppy parents and in over our head when Sniper started resource guarding. We immediately enlisted the help of another trainer. After months of unanswered questions and little progress we knew we had to make a change. Ever since we found Karin and life has been so different since.

In just 2 months Karin took us from Sniper snipping and growling over food, toys and anything else he found to sleeping beside us and even eating from our hands.

Not only did Karin address his resource guarding, but his entire impulse control which has made playing at the park much more enjoyable. Karin immediately identified food allergies that the other trainer and even the vet overlooked. In just 2 months Karin not only fixed our food concerns but also:

-Stopped Sniper from pulling on a leash

-Made Sniper more comfortable being left alone

-Stopped barking/ growling when we would walk by a sleeping puppy

And were so excited to see what’s next. In our opinion, there is no one more qualified in the Okanagan area than Karin. Karin is a great trainer, she always answered our phone calls and emails and was there to celebrate every success and explain thoroughly every set back. Karin knew how to work at Snipers pace rather than going week by week even if we weren’t ready. I know that Karin cares just as much about Sniper as her own dogs and therefore will put in whatever it takes to solve any problem we encounter.

Through Karin’s guidance we had Sniper trusting us again and even more importantly us trusting Sniper. The only downside to our training is that I think Sniper is more upset when Karin leaves then when we do!

Thanks Karin for making our house normal again,

Amber Alex & Sniper

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