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The story of Charlie and Sage

Updated: Oct 31, 2021

Our two babies had been a handful since we brought them home. We put them into a group training class when they were five months old as we found that both were experiencing high anxiety around strangers and other dogs. After unsuccessful results we decided to try another trainer who came to our home and after two visits we never heard from her again. We were feeling depressed and defeated.

Someone passed Karin's contact info to us and we decided to try one more time. By this point the girls were two and anxiety for them was through the roof. Karin came and felt completely confident that she would be able to work with our family and the girls and quite honestly the rest is a happy every after ending.

Karin was amazing. Patient, understanding, sympathetic, non-judgmental, loving, respectful, we cannot say enough about her. We went into training as a family unit and worked very hard to overcome challenges and learned how to read our girls' body language.

Today, we are able to have people over following protocols that Karin taught us, that is huge for us. It is definitely a work in progress and we would not hesitate to bring Karin back if needed. If you are feeling overwhelmed with your dog's behaviour please contact Karin! She knows her stuff!!!

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