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Are You Ready to Unlock Your Dog's Potential?  Welcome to Rock Your Walk 

I am dedicated to helping you and your dog enjoy better quality walks and experience a deeper bond while mastering essential skills for a happier life together.  My comprehensive program is designed to assess your dog's current abilities, introduce new skills, and empower both of you to confidently overcome challenges.

We Start with an Assessment - Before embarking on the journey of training, it's essential to understand where your dog stands in terms of skills and behavior. The program starts with a thorough on-line training assessment of your dog's history and current skill set identifying  any new skills needed to ensure a successful training experience.

Next An Introduction to L.A.T - Change starts here in this one hour on-line session that introduces you and your dog to the L.A.T. behaviour modification protocol using non-triggering stimulus from around the house.  Starting with non-triggering stimulus gives you both an opportunity to learn the steps in a calm, comfortable, familiar setting eliminating stress so retention can occur.  

Real-Time Urban Coaching Walks - Life doesn't happen in the classroom.  In the final section we take it to the streets for three "real-time" urban coaching walks, where you and your dog get to put your new skills to work in three different urban environments with me there to coach you.  These sessions provide hands-on experience and the chance to apply what you've learned.

This program empowers you and your dog with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently overcome the challenges holding you back. You will:

  • Gain a Deeper Understanding of Canine Communication

  • Learn Force-Free Behavior Modification Techniques

  • Understand Threshold and its Impact

  • Discover the World of Environmental Reinforcers

  • Learn Advanced Handling and Management Techniques

Through our program, you will notice the following benefits for your dog:

  • Increased confidence

  • Enhanced focus and engagement with you

  • A calmer demeanor

  • New skills and behaviors you can work with

The training program consists of 5 private 1-hour sessions and is priced at $525.00, including tax for adult

dogs and $360.00 including tax for puppy's up to 12 months old.  This investment is your first step

towards a happier and more harmonious relationship with your dog.

When your program is finished there's continuing education and training

   opportunities at "Social Club".


                            Ready for change?  Start enjoying the walks               you envision with your dog today!

                                        Contact me to schedule your                    training sessions and unlock your                                                                   dog's full potential.             


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