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Welcome to Social Club: A Private Social Community for Reactive Dogs and Their Guardians

Social Club is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for individuals with reactive dogs. This private group was founded in 2014 with the aim of offering ongoing training support and fostering connections within the reactive dog community.

Monthly Training Walks in the Vernon/Coldstream Area

Join me on the third Sunday of every month for an engaging 45-60 minute walk in the

Vernon/Coldstream area. During these walks, you'll have the unique opportunity to:

  • Practice behavior modification protocols

  • Reduce your dog's threshold for reactivity

  • Enhance your ability to read canine communication cues

  • Work on obedience amidst distractions

  • Enjoy a leisurely walk with fellow dog owners facing similar challenges

The walks are designed to create a safe, well-

managed  setting that benefits both guardians and

their reactive  dogs. Throughout the walk I offer

insights  and coaching to help you and your dog

progress. To ensure a comfortable experience for

all participants, each walk is limited to just four dogs.

Building Confidence and Community

Social Club walks not only boost the confidence of your dog

but also empowers handlers to develop their training skills.  It's a

safe environment  to practice and connect with others who share

the same journey.  Together, we'll support one another every step

of the way.

Community Care and Support


These times are challenging for everyone, especially for rescue organizations and

shelters that are overflowing with pets due to financial hardships.  Many pet owners

have faced  the heartbreaking decision of having to rehome their dogs and cats because

they had to make a choice between feeding their pet or paying bills.  It's a situation that

could perhaps be avoided for many families with just a little more help. 

To contribute to the community and support our doggie friends in need, we request a fee of

$25.00 per walk in cash or the equivalent in non-perishable pet food items (for dogs or cats)

as the registration fee to join a Social Club walk. These donations will be collected and 

delivered to Vernon's Pet Soup Kitchen, making a meaningful impact on the lives of pets

and their families in our area.

By participating in Social Club, you're not only enriching your dog's life through training

and socialization but also making a positive difference in our community.  Together, we can

train, have fun, and ensure that more families can keep their pets during  these challenging


Join us today and be a part of a caring and supportive community that's

committed to  the well-being of reactive dogs and their guardians.

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