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Behavior Modification Training: Transforming Your Dog's Behavior with Positive Reinforcement

Behavior modification affects change in behaviour by  working to change the emotional association a 

dog has with triggers from negative to positive.  Unlike traditional training methods that might rely on punitive measures, modern behavior modification training focuses on understanding and

addressing the underlying  emotions that are driving the behaviour.


How Does Behavior Modification Work?

At its core, behavior modification involves shifting a dog's perception of triggers from

negative to positive.  Imagine your dog reacting fearfully when encountering other

dogs.  Through behavior modification, we work to  change their perspective.  Instead

of  "Oh no! I need to get away from that dog, " your dog can learn to think, "Hey,

another dog!  This means something fun is about to happen!"




Change the emotion,

change the response.  By identifying and addressing

the underlying emotions we create a strong foundation

for lasting change.

The Pitfall of Addressing Behavior Alone


Focusing solely on changing behavior without understanding the emotional underpinnings can yield inconsistent results. Imagine a dog who barks incessantly at strangers passing by the window.

Conventional training might quiet the barking momentarily,  but if the fear or anxiety isn't addressed,

the barking is likely to return or manifest in other ways.

Long-Term Sustainable Results: Building a Stronger Bond

Behavior modification training isn't about quick fixes; it's about forging lasting change. By addressing the emotional component, we create sustainable results that you can continue to build upon. Your dog's newfound positive associations gradually begin to change the response, leading to a harmonious and joyful response in previously challenging situations.

"Rock Your Walk" with L.A.T (Look at That) 

I have been using the L.A.T (Look at That) method for the past 10 years. Developed by renowned trainer Leslie McDevitt, MLA, CDBC, CPDT this technique has proven its efficacy in transforming dogs' lives. By combining the power of positive reinforcement with a science-backed approach along with my six session "Rock Your Walk" program, I show you how to guide your dog toward a brighter and more emotionally balanced future.

Unveil a Happier Dog

If you're ready to witness your dog's transformation – behavior modification training is your path forward. Through addressing emotions, creating positive associations, and using the L.A.T method, we empower your dog to respond to triggers with enthusiasm rather than apprehension. Join us on this journey toward a happier, more harmonious relationship with your beloved furry friend.

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